An insomnious entry

Insomnia. Ah, my midnight visitor (or 3 a.m. visitor, in my case) strikes again. I’ve noted that this seems to be a pretty common problem for a lot of writers. I think it’s a combo of busy brain and worry over the business of writing. There’s just so much you can’t control.

I used to get extremely frustrated with insomnia until I read an article in the Times about how sequential sleep (ie. 8 straight hours) is a relatively new invention, and that many people find the waking hours between their “first sleep” and “second sleep” the most creative and productive. It also claimed that it doesn’t matter if you sleep or nap – as long as you hit deep sleep at some point, your brain can rebound. So I’ll try for some good Zzzz’s later in the day.

Instead of fretting about the sleep I wasn’t getting, I plotted world domination for about an hour, emptying out everything that was occupying my mind into my working journal. I have, like, the next ten years of my writing life now charted out. (I’m a genius!) Now there’s only another fifteen minutes before my husband gets up for our workout, and no point in going back to sleep, so I thought I’d blog, but keep it easy and light. So here goes.

Some Monday Metrics:

I am gaping at: Kevin Spacey in ‘House of Cards.’ This show is my carrot, my obsession, my all. Spacey can do more with one arrowed gaze than other actors achieve with their entire body. He’s so good, it’s sick, really.

I am reading: I’m on a Lisa Gardner binge.

On the desk: I’m line editing a book for someone else, and being so critical that I know they want to slap me, but hey. If I’m going to put in the time, I’m gonna do it right. I also finished the ugly draft (ie., too ugly to be called a first draft) of a spec book in January. I’m cleaning it up now so when I send it to my agent he doesn’t run screaming in the other direction. (Actually, I rather like that idea, but I’d prefer it if he ran in reaction to the thrilling story, and not the prose.)

The Lost by Vicki PetterssonIn Real Life: A new workout routine. I was bored with running, and had plateaued with my last gym routine, and as much as I’d like to attend a gym or classes or join a league, my peripatetic lifestyle won’t allow it. I need something that can travel with me, including on tour, and I seem to have found it in P90X. I’m only four weeks in, but haven’t missed a day. So far, I love it.

Social Hour: I’m planning a tour for next month’s release of THE LOST (March 19). So far it’s Vegas, Virginia, Houston and (waiting to see) Dallas. Details are on my sidebar. Will you be in or near any of these cities? Come say hi!

Finally, some link salad that caught my eye:

* An article in the Times about the Neon Boneyard/Museum for you Zodiac lovers. Joanna Archer’s old sanctuary got a facelift.

*In Celestial Blues news, my main research trove for All Things Rockabilly is fast approaching.

The Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender is scheduled for March 28-31st. If you’re in or around Vegas, it’s a blast. I’ll be out of town this year, and will miss Little Richard performing — likely outdoors at the car show, but is anyone else going?

* I’m a voyeur at heart and love stalking home design sites for beautiful rooms. I’d like to say that I look at them solely to see where my characters might live, but that’s a lie. I project myself into every room. This one caught my attention last week. Could you see yourself living here?


* Why do so many women wear shoes that look like hooves? Why don’t you just go all the way and start eating grass and moo-ing at the neighbors? Sheesh. Then again – I could be cranky because anything above a four inch heels makes me, at 5’11”, look a bit Amazonian. And not in a good way.

* Finally, as my Facebook friends know, I tried to cook. Again.


Off to it. Have a good Monday!

One thought on “An insomnious entry

  1. Tiffany says:

    Hey Vicki!  Yeah, I
    totally hear you on the insomnia.  I get
    it regularly, too.   Though maybe not as often
    as I did when I was younger.  This
    sleep concept totally makes sense, too – and, therefore, to organize your life and the kind of things you do around those natural cycles.  (I read a really interesting article on sleep schedules recently too.  I’ll post the link here if I can find it again.)  The watch in the article which can tell you if
    you’re getting enough deep sleep sounds useful – maybe especially useful for people
    like writers, where there is both a flexible schedule and a virtually unlimited/self-limited
    amount of work.  The idea kinda reminds me of
    this LA radio station from back in the day that used to announce a “sun tan
    turnover time” throughout the day.  Ha! Which reminds me of your sweet potato fries. –grin-  I’m also highly adept at burning things I put in the oven without a timer, so I can relate.

    I totally love that apartment.  The mix of brightness with dark colors, the
    brick (I love that), the open floorplan, the badass way the front door hinges, and that rock & roll entry way ceiling
    = awesome.  Not only that, but New York is one of the cities I could see myself living in.  I was thinking
    that when I was there last.  Anyway,
    this is perfect design-inspired food for thought, as I’m actually currently in the process of looking for a new
    apartment. Okay, well, back to finish some work, and then to do some writing. Have a good rest of your Monday, too! 
    Okay, well, back to finish some work, and then to do some writing. Have a good rest of your Monday, too! 

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