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I’m a Las Vegas native who’s always loved to read and write, yet a brief post-college stint in public relations revealed that freelancing was not a good fit for me. So I did what any self-respecting Vegas girl would do: I became a showgirl by night … and a closet novelist by day.

A decade later I also became an “instant bestseller” with my Signs of the Zodiac fantasy series featuring reluctant superhero, Joanna Archer.

Celestial Blues followed – a paranormal-noir trilogy about a 1950’s PI out to solve the mystery of his own death.

Then there was SWERVE, a cat-and-mouse thriller aimed at seeing just how fast I could get the reader to turn those pages.

Now I’m doing something a bit different. See, what I really imagine, whether I’m at the page or not, is a world where women (just like the ones I write about) wake up empowered to move about the world feeling safe, valued, and free. Daily. Yet there’s a gap between that vision and where we still are, and while I don’t know everything, I do know you get the world you build. I intend to build good things … not just for myself, but for those I love–including my readers.

Therefore I’ve chosen to serialize my new novel, ZODIAC RISING on Wattpad, a free writing platform for (mostly) young and aspiring storytellers. The book is a YA spin-off of my original Zodiac series, so expect more awesome female superheroes, but for the teen set. Longtime Zodiac fans can read along and comment, and young writers can get some personal inspiration, support, and encouragement from me. Why? Because I firmly believe that if you can see it, it’s easier to be it.

Voices matter. Stories matter. Control the narrative, and you can be the hero of your own life.


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