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Love isn’t just worth remembering and saving. True love is what saves us all.
— Griffin Shaw/The Given.

photo 1-4 Context is everything. It is the Christmas season, and I am currently wrapping up a trilogy about an angel who escorts the newly deceased to the Everlast, so I know exactly what I see when I look at these two photos.

But imagine being graveside on a devastating weekend sporting a thoughtless blue sky. You’re burying your wife, your love, and the mother of your child. A friend points his camera at that deceptive blue sky. This is what he captures.

As this is a season of belief* I do hope that whatever you believe in leaves room for the possible, the potential, and yes, the incredible. Close out 2013 with gratitude, and begin 2014 with hope. Know that someone who loves you is watching over you still.

(Thank you, Tony, for allowing me to post these most intimate, glorious photos.)

** The Season of Belief. There’s a spectacular book title, no?

Courtesy of NYT Bestseller and fellow UF author, Chloe Neill, a few of us UF and paranormal authors have gotten together for Show Your Work Week:


Here’s the schedule for the week, which begins today:

I’m looking forward to hearing about these writers’ processes, and I’ll update this blog with links throughout the week as the posts become available. As you can see, I’m up on Friday, and as I rarely talk about process, I was a tad verbose. It was a great way to shake out the cobwebs, though, and take a look at some of the tools that have become mainstays in my writer’s toolbox. Meanwhile, it’s back to work on the third and final book in the Celestial Blues series, The Given. I’m intent on giving Grif and Kit a proper send-off, no matter how sweet or bitter it might be.


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