Coming to a town near you ... THE LOST

A righteous, if truncated, touring schedule to celebrate the release of THE LOST, which drops March 19:

B&N Las Vegas
March 21 at 7pm
2191 N Rainbow Blvd

Virginia Festival of the Book
March 23

Houston Murder by the Book
March 30 at 4:30pm

These are confirmed, and I’m waiting on two others (Dallas, I’m looking at you), so more to come there.

Meanwhile, if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know I attended Kim Harrison’s signing in Dallas as a fan.

See:  And I had enough readers come up to me asking why I didn’t do a signing there, too. Well, I have signed — in that exact same bookstore — which makes me realize that I’m not being too effective in reaching my readers. Sorry.

So if you can take a moment to help me out — how do you like to engage with your favorite authors? What’s your preferred way to keep up with their touring schedules and release dates?

Let me know, please, and I’ll work toward those ends. I’m not a naturally loquacious person, and I generally believe in speaking only when one actually has something to say. (Ie., small talk, not my forte.)

However, I love people and genuinely love my readers, so if you want to know when I’m in your backyard, or at least when my latest book arrives there, then let me know the best way to tell you about it.

Also, remember, I’m active on Facebook and Twitter and my homepage blog. When you write me on those sites, it’s me who answers — every single time.

Like I said, I love and am grateful for my readers, but if I don’t know you’re looking for engagement, then I’ll be off writing the next book for you instead.

Along those lines, I’m tweaking my site and updating my FAQ’s, so if there’s something you want to know, have been dying to ask, or are just curious about, lemme know that, too.

Finally, don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter. Then you’ll be sure to catch the biggies directly in your inbox — and a few extra nuggets, too.

9 thoughts on “Coming to a town near you … THE LOST

  1. Mona Bliss says:

    Looking forward to this new book Vicki.  I wish you could come do a signing out here in L.A. but I know how tough it is to finance tours.  I usually use blogs to check in with my fav writers but I also check FB and Twitter.  So the full social media press seems to be very effective in general.  I’m not much of one for the newsletters but I don’t know why so I might go sign up for a few with the writers I like who do them and see how I like them.  

    1.  Mona – ah, thank you for letting me know what works for you! I like feeds as well, but social media is so easy. As for LA, I went last year for THE TAKEN, but will have to skip it this year for the reasons you mentioned. I do hope we can meet again another time, though!

  2. Natalie says:

    Hi!  Can’t wait for the new book to come out!  I was just wondering if you would be going to the Denver area?  I would be more than willing to drive there, I was also wondering if you would be going to the San Diego Comic Con in July?

    1.  Hi Natalie,
      I’m sorry, there’s no plans for Denver now. And no SDCC this year – I’ll be at Thrillerfest in NYC – but possibly the next!

  3. Tiffany says:

    Hi Vicki! I’m really looking forward to seeing you and can’t wait to read your new book! Are you coming to LA? I’m hoping that’s one of the two spots that completes your tour.

    1.  No LA this year — one more stop in Dallas and I think that’s it. Sorry!

  4. Kafurr says:


    Sure wish you would come to Arizona some time.  Would love to have a chance to see you again


    1.  Ken,
      I know! It’s on my wishlist, believe me. Fingers crossed for next time…I’d love to see you again. Missed you last year!

  5. Kafurr says:

    Hope to be able to make it to Vegas this time

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