Just 3 weeks to ... SWERVE

Although SWERVE, isn’t out for another 3 weeks (7/7), here’s an early excerpt from the book, just to give you a taste. (Text continues below)

Also, this is the last week to enter to win one of 30 copies of SWERVE on Goodreads.

Finally, a reminder: if you’ve ordered a hard copy or are planning on it, remember to send me your snailmail addy at vickipetterssonbooks (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll send you an inscribed bookplate, gratis.




           It’s July 3, so the sun is a heat lamp with no off switch, the blacktop road a cast-iron griddle, and any living thing caught between the two is just meat set to singe on high. I tried to tell Daniel this. I know this swath of high desert as well as I know his profile. The Mojave’s cracked surface is as familiar to me as the dark mole tucked to the side of his right eyebrow—his only imperfection, and one I love.

            Unfortunately, a 4:00 p.m. sprint through the desert is the only way to both complete my twelve-hour shift at the hospital and to still reach his childhood estate at Lake Arrowhead before dinner. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres are to be served on the east patio, precisely at seven o’clock.

            I know, right?

            At least there’s still light to see by inside the rest stop’s stifling concrete shell. It’ll filter in through the open brick doorframe and allow for a mercifully quick change of clothes. I’ve made a mess of things in the car, though it could be worse.

            It will be worse.

*          *          *









3 thoughts on “Just 3 weeks to … SWERVE

  1. Beth Krause says:

    Please publish an audio version, CD or MP3. Also many popular suspense authors publish in large print which would be appreciated. Swerve seems a natural for an audible version as well..
    Many who have vision issues can read standard print if dark print and good margins/ spacing are elements the author has weighed in on.

    One friend had to wait for her husband to return from a trip to finish the book. It was just so intense.

    1. VickiP says:

      Hi Beth! Thank you for writing. An Audible version is on its way! I’ll absolutely announce when I get more details than that, but the reader/actress is great and I can’t wait to hear it.
      Um…please apologize to your friend???


  2. Beth Krause says:

    The margins and spacing are good in Swerve. If no large print is contemplated perhaps the next edition could have darker print.
    And the friend really “enjoyed” the book. We are suggesting it to our thriller loving friends many of whom use Audible

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