On being Resolved.

Happy first full week of the New Year! I hope all of my friends and readers saw 2014 out with a kiss and a wave (or a good boot to the door, whatever was needed) and that you’ve had a brilliant beginning to 2015. I spent mine with my core family, and am so grateful for every moment. In years past the holidays were frenetic and crazed—I’ve been known to say that I loathe December altogether more than once—but this year was all Flow. It was dinners out with friends, travel, and celebrations mixed in with real life. I had and met deadlines with ease, and there were none of the holiday worries about overeating or missing workouts—it was just Life. It was…weird.

So I’d planned a post today about resolutions—yes, I made some this year, and filling up this space more regularly is one of them—but I’ve decided to save that post for next week. An email arrived on the first of the year and it made me so happy that I can’t get it out of my mind.

I belong to the International Thriller Writers (ITW) organization and they have a monthly newsletter called The Big Thrill. I love to read the interviews therein, and am lucky enough to have been featured before as well, but yesterday’s edition held something special. A feature story on writer Susan Adrian, and her new release, TUNNEL VISION.

TUNNEL VISION is a YA thriller, and you may be thinking, but Vic—you write adult para-mysteries and now a thriller…why do you care? Well, here’s the deal: Susan Adrian and I have been friends for well over a decade, when we were both part of an online community (back before there was a proliferation of online communities) called Books and Writers over at CompuServe. I wish I knew the percentage of published writers who came out of this forum because it was an absolute creative think-tank for so many of us who love writing fiction. Diana Gabaldon was the great draw for most of us; she was a forum section leader, and a mentor by example, and the graciousness and accessibility she exhibits online today has deep roots in a decades-long practice of the same behavior. (I think it’s fair to say that most of us had read OUTLANDER before Sam Heughan was even out of diapers, and that’s not even hyperbole…but I digress.)

Susan Adrian's first book, TUNNEL VISION.

Anyhoo. Susan was a fellow forumite. We were contemporaries. And when my first book sold in ’05, she was one of the first to congratulate me, and continued to support me for years. It couldn’t have been easy at all times. As much as we all know that one person’s success does not mean your own failure, there’s always an element of When is it going to be my turn? I understand this. I feel it, too—which is why her support meant so much. Meanwhile, Susan continued to write. She wrote and wrote and wrote. She finished books. She acquired rejections. She acquired an agent. And still she had to wait. (To read about her journey in her own words, go here.)

Friends, this business is hard. What people don’t realize—what I didn’t realize even after I was published—is that you continue to experience rejection and failure at every level. I still do, which is why—like a shark—we gotta keep moving. That’s not easy even when you’re doing well, and it’s damned near-impossible during hard times. Noes are everywhere. Blocking them out and keeping to a singular faith—I want to do this, I can do this, I have the right to do this—is hard, and every writer I know struggles with it.


That’s why I’m so proud of Susan—for indeed sticking it out, for listening to her heart, for ignoring the noes, and doing what she wanted anyway. It humbles me to see it, and it gives me hope—because, hey, I’ve written ten books, but now I’m facing down number eleven and I’ve never done that before. Thinking of Susan, typing to the beat of her stubborn heart in the middle of the night—creating her own yes one word at a time—is so inspiring. So thank you, Susan, for persevering and bringing TUNNEL VISION into the world. I am so happy and excited for you, and I can’t wait to read it.

 Everyone else: Read her book. Read it to your kids. Read it and know that being resolved in your own heart really does pay off. Not a bad reminder as we head into this new year.



For more info on Susan and her books, visit her here. She’s also very friendly and active on social media so friend her on Facebook and Tumblr, too!

18 thoughts on “On being Resolved.

  1. Linda Grimes says:

    Absolutely! Susan is a testament to persistence paying. She’s always had the talent, and it’s heartening to see it finally being rewarded. Bonus for her future readers: Tunnel Vision is a fabulous book! :)

    1. VickiP says:

      Agreed on all points! I hope she enjoys the hell out of it.

  2. LeAnne says:

    I thank you for the deeper message here of not giving up, not giving in and sticking to your guns. Even though I KNOW that hearing “NO’ is part of life, sometimes hearing it from someone else is a good reminder. Congratulations to your friend Susan Adrian!

  3. Debi Murray says:

    Hey, that book is on my TBR pile…

    1. VickiP says:

      Of course it is, Deb. You know all the good reads!

  4. Raven says:

    Wonderfully well written, Vic, as always.
    I am over the moon for Suze!
    Thanks for the kick in the pants.
    Happy New Year!

    1. VickiP says:

      Kick as needed. ;)

      Happy New Year, Ravie!

  5. Shana says:

    my library in vegas doesn’t carry tunnel vision, yet:) i’ll order it for us, thank youfor the recommendation! Can’t wait for your new book!

    1. VickiP says:

      Shana–my pleasure! And that’s so great you’re ordering it. A deserving spot on your shelves. Thank you for reading! (And commenting.)

  6. Marie Mazza says:

    Vicki, you’ve introduced me to so many wonderful authors, Jaye Wells, Taylor Stevens, to name just 2, that I will always pick up that book by an author you suggest. You haven’t steered me wrong yet :-) I can’t wait to read this authors work.

    1. VickiP says:

      Marie, I’m so glad! I love to read and to recommend things I love to others. I also read widely–a good book is a good book, genres be damned–so I’m glad everything has clicked with you so far. Variety. Spice. All that.

      1. Marie Mazza says:

        I just finished reading”before I go to sleep”by SJ Watson. What can I say but OMG! Loved it! I read it and practically one day because I could not put it down .. thanks again for the author referral

        1. VickiP says:

          You’re so welcome! I love sharing the books I love with you, and am so happy they hit your bliss point, too. Thank you for telling me how much you enjoyed it. (Did you know there’s a movie out now? Stars Nicole Kidman!)

  7. Susan Adrian says:

    Vic. You made me cry. Thank you for this, so much. And YOU have always been easy to cheer for.

    1. VickiP says:

      No need to cry, Suze. You deserve all accolades (and All Good Things) and have all my admiration and respect. Well done. I can’t wait to read it!

  8. Elise Skidmore says:

    Great post honoring another great writer. You’re absolutely correct about the old Compuserve being a breeding ground for talented writers trying to make their dreams come true. I’ve lost count of how many of the friends I made back there have gone on to publishing success, but it makes me proud to know each and every one of them. Congratulations, Susan!

    1. VickiP says:

      Elise, I lost count as well (which is why I didn’t get specific in my post)! Sometimes I wish I could go back a decade plus and have that safe spot back. *le sigh* Still have all of you, though, and that’s great.

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