Payin' it forward...

I haven’t blogged in a while and I find it both interesting and gratifying that my first blog of the year has nothing to do with me (I’m fine, thanks) or my writing (I’m closing in on finishing a book that I think is my favorite – and best – ever, thanks again), but to bring your attention to the best damned web designer I’ve ever met — should you find yourself in need of one. Austin DesignWorks has done all but the first of my web designs, both static sites and the WordPress one you’re viewing now (which I can update at will – it’s so nice).

In addition to being fabulous to work with, they are flexible and fast, and – as advertised on their site – darned affordable. So, whether you’re a big business or a small one, check out their site and their other clients — and do let them know I sent ya. They are good peeps, and I’m happy I get to work with them (and happier still to throw a little love their way).

*Note: I am not tech-savvy, and I don’t have any aspirations in that regard. I asked for a place where I could 1) chat with readers, and 2) provide timely updates. And that’s all I want. Yet Austin DesignWorks can provide you with a simple template, or design an active site that’s as fancy and complicated as you are. Again, don’t be wary of pricing — just ask. They’ll work with you. That is all.

Back soon with tour info — THE LOST release is only weeks away!

3 thoughts on “Payin’ it forward…

  1. Deborah says:

    This is so…creepy? I was just trolling online, wondering if I should try to build a website, or hire someone to do it for me, and well, you answered. :) Thank you!

    1.  Not creepy — kismet! Good luck!

      1. Deborah says:

        Yes. Kismet. And I love it!

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