Reader love in Vegas, baby

So a few of my readers may remember this photo from last year:

This is Jessica, and the dress she is wearing is Lola (everyone say, “Hi, Lola!”) which she clearly custom made and patterned off the dress on the cover of THE TAKEN. Believe me, she’s not the only one who fell in love with that dress. I got more comments on that dress when the cover was first revealed than anything else.

Anyhoo, Jessica wore Lola to my signing in LA last year and I had a wonderful time meeting her, squee-ing over her work, and meeting her gorgeous husband, Eric. Jess is so sweet and unbelievably talented. (Please take a moment to visit her blog, The Magic Garment Ride, to see her work and her wit at work.)

Here is the entire process she went through in making Lola,and I’d cobbled some of these photos together for a post, but she saved me the trouble and talks about the whole process so much better than I ever could.

Clothes, like people, have stories. Yes, you may be asking, but what about THE LOST? I mean, the dress Kit is wearing on that cover is no sleeper.  Well …  Meet Ava! Whom, it seems, has a bit of an attitude problem.

To the Moon, AvaAva before her Big DebutSewing+Dart

But Jess persevered, and you can read about the whole thing here, from the way she haggled for the fabric in LA’s garment district to the threats and apologies that flew between Jessica and Ava before they came to an understanding. (BTW, am I the only one totally in awe of someone who knows how to sew so well? It is like magic to me. I had to ask my husband to thread a needle for a seam on a Skelanimal this weekend. Swear. Yes, my big, six-foot, former hockey player husband can sew better than me. And cook, but we’re not talking about that in this post, are we?)

Digression over, I cannot wait to meet Ava, attitude and all, and I don’t have to – Jessica is coming to my Las Vegas signing tonight at the Barnes & Noble in Las Vegas! I’m so excited!

Remember, I’m hosting a little coffee klatch for all readers at 5 pm in the B&N coffee shop, and the signing is at 7 pm. But if you’re coming, make sure you take a minute to find Jessica – she’s Kit Craig’s lookalike so shouldn’t be hard to miss – and let her know what you think of her work. (And, while you’re there, maybe give Ava a piece of your mind, too!)

8 thoughts on “Reader love in Vegas, baby

  1. Tiffany says:

    How fun! Can’t wait to have coffee with you, meet Jessica and see Ava. I’ll be there!

  2. Raven Twinn says:

    How sweet. Yes, Jessica is awesome and lovely and talented. Oh yeah, you too. ;) You are terribly inspiring, of course! Thanks for sharing these with everyone. She’s gonna be thrilled!

    1. My pleasure. She’s such a sweetie. And you are, too.

  3. So much fun! I’ll be with you in spirit! Or spirits, as the case may be. xoxo

    1. Thank you, Pamalah-dee-dah!

  4. Watch out, Vegas! Wish I could be there to have a cocktail with you guys! I know Jess will represent the VPeeps well! Hugs to you both! Much love and congrats to you, Vicki, for being recognized as one of the great authors of the decade! There are way too many exclamation points in this comment!! Sorry!!!

    1. T, we so wished you were there as well. Jess was gorgeous, and she did indeed represent. And thank you for the congrats. It was an amazing list to make. I mean … amazing!!!!! (Your exclamation points back atcha.)

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