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So. I’m starting to hear back from readers who’ve received ARCs of The Given both here and on Facebook/Twitter, and though I always answer and share my gratitude and thanks, I feel like the depth of that gets a little lost when I say it so much.

Seriously. Thank you.

I mean, I crave this exact connection so much that I’ll lock myself alone in a room for hours with just the voices in my head, and that connection becomes tangible when you reach out to let me know that I’ve done my job and somehow touched you with that pile of words.

Here’s an extreme example of how this sort of thing really is quid pro quo. This is Jessica. She first came to see me when I went on tour in LA at the Dark Delicacies bookstore. Take note, the girl is a dead ringer for Kit Craig:

TT.cover j

Turns out, Jess is also a performer, an artist, and that she made this dress herself — and she has since gone on to recreate the dresses from all three of the covers. Gobsmacked. That’s me. Even now that we chat regularly via Facebook, I’m still awed daily by her talent, how full of life she is, and by how scary her dreams can be. (Seriously, you think my mind is strange? Sheesh.) And here is a shot of us together at that first meeting. Love at first sight? Yeah. Kinda.

With Jessi-Kit.

With Jessi-Kit.

And here’s some cuteness from when she was creating the look from the second dress (whom, by the way, she has named Ava.):

To the Moon, AvaAva before her Big DebutSewing+Dart

Again, us together. Since she looked the part at last year’s signing in Vegas, I had her do a dramatic reading with me. I read Grif’s parts, and she read Kit’s. She was, of course, fabulous.


And that brings us to this year. She documents her struggles to bring Harlow to life on her blog (yup, she named this dress, too) and while I’m not sure if I’ll be seeing her this year due to her schedule, I can’t wait to see her in this dress.

GivenPB_revisedInsidesDress Sketch

Here’s all three of her babies together:


vicki and me portlyFollow Jess on her blog, The Magic Garment Ride, just because you want this bright light in your life.

As this has turned out to be a very public love letter to Jess — whom I really can’t thank enough for entering my life (I love you, girl!) — please know that you don’t have to do all this to get my attention.

Those Facebook posts do not fall on deaf ears. I remember every last word.

7 thoughts on “Reader love

  1. Tiffany says:

    Me too, Vicki. These dresses are so amazing and wonderful.

  2. Mike Zampello says:

    I’d like to see her in that dress too! Hubba, hubba!
    I’d like to tell you how I feel about your work but I fear I would embarrass us both. I do get seriously invested in the people you create. When you hurt Grif, you hurt me bad. That’s what is so beautiful about it. :)

    1. Mike, it’s the best compliment you can give, and it’s nice to know I’m not alone in being so emotionally invested with these characters. They’re so real to me they feel like friends.

      Anyway, thank you for writing — and, see? You didn’t even have to embarrass yourself! I. Get. It. :)

  3. Stacey Michaels says:

    Jessica is definitely amazing. So much fun that first night. I’ll have to dig out that great pic of you guys at dinner. Really cool write up for her and her super skills. :)

    1. I love that pic, Stace!

  4. How funny–I’ve been hemming and hawing about making the dresses when I realized I couldn’t find any decent knock-offs! I’m checking out her blog right now.

    1. Isn’t she marvelous? Yes, look through her blog– her personality really shines through, and if you have any questions I know she’ll be happy to answer. Thanks so much for reading (and writing)!

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