Saying goodbye to Celestial Blues

P1020076As my beloved para-noir trilogy comes to an end (in less than three weeks now), I thought the now-popular #throwbackthursday was a good day to begin a few light posts on how it all started, and give a little insight into what was going on with me as I journeyed along with my gruff 50’s PI and my impossibly cheery and relentless girl-reporter as they worked together to fight crime.

Some blogs will be popping up in the next few weeks, many asking how I came up with the idea for the series, so I’ll wait for those to speak to that specifically, but for now some fun… Grif came to me first, this tortured PI-turned-angel, who was too damned broken to move on into Paradise. Yet I couldn’t figure out how to get my world-weary hero into the present-day — even if he was an angel — until Kit Craig came along. And Kit Craig didn’t come along until rockabilly came along.

P1020086The short of it is this: I was running errands one day in Vegas, and saw one of those chop shop haircut places. I am terrible about making appointments. As soon as it’s on my calendar it becomes a commitment, a big thing I have to do, even if it’s only coffee with a girlfriend. So I’m a spur-of-the-moment kind of gal, which can be fun… Or it can end up in a very lopsided haircut. But, hey, it grows back, right? And what do you want for $15 bucks? Anyway, the man who cut my hair that day had this slicked back pompadour reminiscent of Johnny Cash (and old b&w photos of my dad, who was oh-so-handsome back in the day) and sailor Jerry tattoos — anchors and cherries and swallows — cuffed jeans and creepers. “What’s your deal?” I asked, as he snipped away. And when he told me about his lifestyle, that both he and his girlfriend were enamored of all things vintage, fifties, well-made, and of a bygone era… I had Kit. Then, of course, I had to research.

P1020095_2_2Luckily for me, the annual Rockabilly Weekender is held every year in Las Vegas. (Talk about a cool write-off!) Even luckier, it was upcoming. So I went as myself…

 I gave myself over to these ladies …  And I emerged as Kit …  Okay, so I just emerged as myself. But I knew at that point exactly what the draw of the rockabilly lifestyle was for Kit, and as I continued to research, my love for it grew as well.

I hope you, as readers, have enjoyed it as well. It’s a vital element to the series, it provides so much of Kit’s agency — along with solidifying the relationship between Grif and her — and it’s one of the main reasons this series has been such a joy to write.

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