Spring! New beginnings! Gratitude! Exclamation points!!!

IMG_4720Over the years I’ve received some pretty amazing and touching gifts from my readers – all of them a delightful surprise because I never expect anything more from a reader than to, yanno, read. Even the notes and letters to tell me that they, you, have enjoyed my books feel like a gift because that, too, is unexpected. The real exchange goes on in the mind. You meet me halfway on the page, I provide the story, but your imagination does the heavy lifting. That connection is what I live for – and what a gift.

Yet I do receive posts and letters and gifts, amazing ones, and here’s one that I couldn’t let pass without mention. It just blew me away. This is from Chelle, who has been a vocal supporter of my work – and actually created a street team for me before I even knew what a street team was (aside: I still don’t really get it. What do I do with them?). Anyway, Chelle has a busy and full life—and through our friendship on Facebook, I’ve learned that she has some not so pleasant things on her plate – but she took the time to commission this and send it to me:


I mean, are you kidding me?

Now I just need to find the perfect purpose for it. Of course it’s going with me on tour later this spring, but what to put in it?

IMG_4721Please note the spring flower next to it, too. I’ve waited a bit to post that because I wanted the rest of the country to catch up to Vegas, weather-wise. (I didn’t want to give you the jellies.) Isn’t it pretty?

Yeah, that’s already dead.

But the rest of spring is in full effect. The sparrows are being total *ssholes in my yard and a dumber-than-rocks quail walked into my house yesterday, only to freak out once he realized, yanno, that it was occupied.

But spring is great because — after your taxes are all done — it actually feels like a new beginning, yanno? You begin to think crazy things like, maybe I’ll fit into that bikini by the beginning of summer.

You begin to do crazy things like start a new series and build a new world. Maybe you pick up a new habit, like starting a gratitude jar. Here’s mind, all pimped out for spring. I’ve only a few notes in it because I’m not a very grateful person.

IMG_4722Kidding. It’s because I just began, and though I started out on the right track, just tearing off slips of paper, capturing moments, I can’t help but be a little wacky with it, because I’m most grateful for the surprising – like that anyone would send me a gift when it’s not my birthday – and the absurd…like the following sentiment that was recently uttered by a girl friend of mine whom I used to work with in the Folies.  I was perched in her bathroom, she was doing my hair, and we were talking about a new variety show that just popped up in Vegas. Can you read it?

And I howled – and had to capture it for my gratitude jar – because, I mean, how often do you get to hear something like that? Chelle’s in my gratitude jar, too. So are all of you. Because I am grateful, and I really do feel like I’m sitting on top of a new beginning.

And that’s my spring for you. How’s yours going?

8 thoughts on “Spring! New beginnings! Gratitude! Exclamation points!!!

  1. soraya says:

    i love the jar idea ! and you might think us reading is the gift , but trust me ur books are the gifts ,ur ideas and characters are more than we could ask for and i am so grateful that i got the opportunity to come across them and live within them x and spring hasnt sprung in “not so lovely” england yet !

    1. I’m grateful as well, as you can tell. This is the way I process the world and connect with those in it, so it’s an honor to share my work and worlds. I’m sorry to hear about no-spring-in-England, though!

  2. monabliss says:

    What a brilliant gift! I think I want all my favorite books as purses now…hmmm??? Must think on this. I love your gratitude jar. A friend of mine and I exchange daily gratitude lists because…well heck, because it helps adjust our attitudes and that is a good thing. Dancing dildos just go with the scenery in some theatres…LOL!

    1. I love that idea of sharing gratitude with a friend. You’re so lucky to have such a great friend! Nice to see your pixels, btw! It’s been awhile.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Chelle is so thoughtful and awesome! What a beautiful gift. Sending good thoughts her way.
    My spring is feeling like that, too! Like new beginnings and attempting wonderfully crazy changes. New perspectives on myself. Hopes. Potential. Gratefulness. Everything you said, perfectly. Now if I can just…get them on track. Ya know?
    I love the idea of your gratitude jar. Beautiful and wacky. -grin- It reminds me of this randomly-started “quote plate” I have from a dinner with friends when something particularly funny was said. We grabbed a paper plate (cuz why not and it was handy) and wrote it down with the date, and we’ve been adding to it ever since. It’s all silliness though, which I’m definitely grateful for. But your gratitude jar is a beautiful mindfulness. *Implementing* How much this post made me smile and feel inspired when I needed exactly that is going in mine.
    Happy Spring, Vicki!

    1. Happy spring back to you, Tiffany! Chelle is wonderful — the generosity of my readers never ceases to amaze me. Oh, and I got the gratitude jar idea from Elizabeth Gilbert. She’s fantastic too.

  4. Raven! says:

    “Yeah, that’s already dead.” <Doooood. I really laughed at this. I kill plants too.
    When I still lived in America, I would buy hardcover books with the intention of turning them into handbags and never got around to it. Pretty sure the components are in my friend's basement with the rest of my shiz.

    We totally got Spring over here. No real winter in the arena of snow, thank goodness. Back home? Still snowing, eff that. England knows what's up. You know it's Spring in England because it's raining and raining and there are slugs all over the place. Like, lots. I mean, watch-where-you-step-lots. Heh.

    1. What the hell, Ravie? ;)

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