SWERVE audible winners!

Hello, my friends!

It’s my great pleasure to finally announce the winners of the Audible giveaway for SWERVE. I have to confess, I used the Random Number Generator to choose winners because I cannot be (or at least feel) personally responsible for not choosing anyone. I wish I had enough to gift one to you all–those stories were absolute train wrecks! 

On that note, I have to say thank you for entertaining me with your words for the week. It was a refreshing change, and though I didn’t reply to each, I did read them and laugh/snarf/gasp/groan/cringe in sympathy. Except for those of you who said you sail along the roads. Then I just wished you more happy sailing. 

That said, here’s what the computer pulled up. I’m emailing each winner from my author email, but for a quick check, the names are below (as they were provided to me). 

Let’s see if these guys are ready to go on another harrowing trip with my girl, Kristine. You’re all seasoned travelers. You can handle it:

Linda Henderson, Kim Martin, Peggy R, Karen Hansen, Gail Siuba, Elise Skidmore, Penny, Stephanie, Anne, and Linda Kish. 

If you don’t hear from me anon that means I have the wrong email for you. If you don’t respond in the next week, I’ll draw another name and give your code away. Outside of that, enjoy!

I want to thank you all for taking the time to write to me, to relive some *koff* interesting moments, and to share them so publicly. Nice to know we’re not alone in such things, right? 


2 thoughts on “SWERVE audible winners!

  1. Kathleen Tilley says:

    just finished reading / devoured swerve ! awesome job thank you.
    could not put it down.this has to be the best thriller i’ve read in awhile.and i read about 2-3 books a month.this is my second vicki pettersson book and i will be reading more.it held my attention,and the pace almost got away from me!
    i had to slow my self down,i couldn’t turn the pages fast enough!

    1. VickiP says:

      Thank you so much for writing, Kathleen. These words? Exactly what I was going for while writing SWERVE. Ie., a dream come true!

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