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My newsletter went out yesterday with all the latest on what’s happening with SWERVE, yet I’ve been informed that I wrote an incorrect email addy inside the newsletter. (Yes, I know my own email, shaddup!) So here’s the real one for those of you who’d like it: vickipetterssonbooks (at) gmail (dot) com.

The reason for this? I’m having bookplates made for those of you who can’t get out to one of my signings or convention appearances. So if you’d like one for the inside of your book, all you have to do is send me your snail mail address, along with whatever inscription you’d like, and I’ll send it along. No need for a SASE.

Also, my publisher is still giving away 30 early copies of SWERVE over on Goodreads. One click, and you’re entered. Let me know if you win, too — I’m happy to send you a bookplate as well.


As usual, I”ll be signing in my hometown, Las Vegas at the Rainbow Barnes & Noble on release day, Tuesday July 7th, 7:00 pm. I’ll do the usual coffee-klatch/meet-up beforehand (where I meet and chat with readers–5:30 p.m. in the adjacent coffee shop). In the past I’ve brought cupcakes or cake from Showboy Bakeshop, because I love them and I love you, but this time I was thinking about baking you guys something myself. I feel the need to redeem myself after all my Facebook cooking fiascos. Adverse effects to eating my baked goods probably wouldn’t kick in until after the signing anyway, at which point you’ll have already bought the book … so what the hell do I care?*

Additionally, attendees to the Vegas signing will be able to meet the real life inspiration for my protagonist in SWERVE, Kristine. I wanted to write a thriller that was intensely female-driven and had to dig deep for the resources she needed to survive when her back was to the wall. This friend embodies that sort of strength, and she received an early copy of the book … so this is your chance to ask her if she still wants to be friends with me after reading it.

The second signing I’m intensely excited about is July 14th, 6:30 p.m. at Murder by the Book in Houston. This will be a joint signing with one of my favorite authors, Taylor Stevens. Taylor writes the Vanessa Michael Munroe series–her latest is THE MASK–and if you love strong women, this is a must-read series. (Aside: Murder by the Book is also the place where one unlucky reader mentioned a preference for my Zodiac series over Celestial Blues … while I was there signing a Celestial Blues novel. That reader now dies beautifully in SWERVE … so you should come to this one, too. I think it’s going to be cathartic for all. ;) )

So let me know on Facebook if you can attend either signing, especially Vegas so I know how many cookies to burn bake.

Less than a month to go now, guys — this thing is becoming Real!

*Fine. I care.

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