The legs have it.

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My readers might best know Jim C. Hines as a bestselling fantasy author. Until this, that is. Now the wider interwebs knows him as the go-to man for cover model poses. Women and men.

Recently, one of my novels won the (simultaneously dubious and fabulous) nomination for a pose-off, if you will, with the infamous John Scalzi. Turns out, people are willing to pay to see these men dress up, as well they should.

#1: it’s for a good cause. Jim is raising money for a little known disease affecting girls born in the U.S. — read his post here to learn more.

#2: well … a picture being worth more than a thousand words in this case, here’s a link to what they did to the second book in my Signs of the Zodiac series, The Taste of Night.

I know, right?

So I voted, happily.

And donated, also gladly.

I know funds are tight around this time of year, but hey man. If this isn’t a grand display of holiday spirit (and legs), I don’t know what is. If you can take the time to vote and/or donate, please do. And make sure you let Jim and John know what you think of their work.

I, for one, am going to give my art department an earful for not finding these guys in the first place.

AdminThe legs have it.
  • Ithiliana

    I voted for that cover of the three Jim sent John–but also because I now wnat to read!  Going off to buy a book or two!

    • Vicki Pettersson

       Cool, Ithiliana! Start w/SCENT OF SHADOWS. The origin story. And let me know what you think!