THE LOST - a lovely place to end it!

So I ended my tour of THE LOST last Saturday at Houston’s amazing Murder by the Book indie store. I’m only posting about it now because I went on a writing binge on Sunday and Monday, then traveled yesterday. I’m home now, and finally have my photos uploaded, and they brought such a smile to my face.

I can’t thank my readers enough for taking time out of their days, and lives, to show up and chat with me about people who were once only a part of my imagination. I haven’t laughed that hard in so long, every stop unique, each wonderful.

I can go back to my writing cave with a smile on my face. But first…  I’ve always said that as exciting as it is to write books and send them out into the world, the reason I write is for connection. It’s a partnership between the reader and me … but sometimes I get to go out in the world, too, and there’s another connection.

Bam! Bosom friends.

Such is the case with John and Matt, whom I met a few years ago because John read and enjoyed my Zodiac series enough to champion it as a bookseller at MBTB. Writing aside, I’m just plain lucky to know these men, and whether I spend five minutes or five hours in their company, I walk away better for it.

If you’re in Houston, you need to go here. If you’re not in Houston you can call them for a signed copy of my book, and many of your other faves as well.

I did some shopping after my signing and came home with a nice haul myself.  I love it because they do so many events that when I roll into town it’s like stepping into my own living room. Easy-peasy, except filled with readers. They let me chat, too, which I love (way more fun than reading from my own book!).

My husband, James, took loads of photos … right up until he got distracted by hockey scores on his iPhone. (I know. What the hell?)

As I said, the next couple of days were spend marathon writing, but I did it — I got a book off to my agent and have now turned my attention back to the third and final Celestial Blues novel, THE GIVEN.

There were lots of questions and talk from readers about the cover art  — the first two books really have hit such a nerve with you guys — and my editor and I have worked hard on ideas for THE GIVEN, so I can’t wait to see what Larry Rostant (the cover artist) does with that.

Off now to clean off the flotsam and jetsam that somehow gathers when I’m doing Other Things. Mostly paperwork and bills and taxes and doctor appointments and such. But spring is here, my windows are open, and I’m back at my desk. Can’t complain about that!

Thank you again, readers, for fueling me for another year (Thrillerfest and Bouchercon notwithstanding).

4 thoughts on “THE LOST – a lovely place to end it!

  1. Jaye Wells says:

    That first pic has three of my favorite people in one place!

    1. John says:

      Awww, thanks Jaye! And thanks Vicki! We had a blast!

      1. Next time can’t come soon enough.

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