Travelogue 3 – Release Day! Dallas, TX

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Release day! What a buzz. I know I’ve done this seven times now, but it never gets old. So many well wishes from readers and friends on twitter and facebook — and a few of these in my text messages too:

That’s my friend, Melissa, whom I worked with it both Jubilee and Folies sending me some love from Vegas. It really was a great day.

It was also a busy day, starting with a morning tv interview at Time Warner’s “Conversations Cafe.” I’d no idea what to expect as it was my first media event in Dallas, but one studio is much like the next, so off we went. Question: Why are green rooms never green?

So Cheryl Nason interviewed me, and thought it was warm under the lights (I dare you not to wilt in the Dallas humidity – phew!) she made me feel right at home. Often interviewers won’t have read the entire book, and I’m never offended because – hey, man – they have their own agenda. But Cheryl surprised me — not only had she read it, she loved it. Like many, she was fascinated by the rockabilly aspect to the book, and she was enamored of the way the paranormal interwove with the real life locale and noir aspects. By the end of the interview we were talking about having drinks together (with Deb Coonts, whom we both know and love, but Deb isn’t yet aware of this) and about our ballet backgrounds. Good times.

After that, I spoke by phone with a journalist from Las Vegas, and I did know what to expect there. John Prysbys is a total pro, and we’ve chatted before. He was very supportive of my first series, and enthusiastic about this one too. You do meet some good people in this business.

I also learned that THE TAKEN went into a second printing on release day. That was amazing news!

Finally, my first signing in Dallas. And look who I encountered walking in the door… reader Wendy, whom I met last year at the Readers&Ritas event in Dallas. She posed with me by the downstairs display so I wouldn’t have to do so alone.

I’d never been to this B&N before, but bookseller Cody was warm and welcoming, and kinda let me do what I wanted — which meant ignore the podium and sit campfire style with readers. I kept the mic, though (cuz you can take the girl out of the show, but you can’t take the show out of the girl!)


Not professional.

Now I’m en route to DARK DELICACIES, in Burbank/LA. I’ve never been to this indie store before, so I’m excited to sign there. It’s also the first store sponsoring a rockabilly dress up contest, so I’m going to try to perfect my victory rolls as soon as I hit the hotel. I also just found out that the Bettie Page store is just down the street from said hotel, so I foresee a visit there in the next day or so. My reader Jessica V (from yesterday’s post) may be there, and if you remember she recreated Kit’s dress from the cover of THE TAKEN. I need to do my best to be worthy of that.

Meanwhile, if you can’t make a signing, here’s a bit more info on THE TAKEN:

* First four chapters, read for free!

*USA Today Interview – Happy Ever after.
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* Fangtastic post – giveaway.

AdminTravelogue 3 – Release Day! Dallas, TX
  • Jessica V.

    I took the day off so I could primp for tonight.  :)  I can’t wait to get dressed up.

    • Vicki Pettersson

       Can’t wait to see you! I’m en route now. MAY visit BP for another dress…what? It’s a write off! ;)