Viva Las Vegas

Now that was the way to kick off a tour! My Las Vegas readers came out last night to share cake, swap stories, and asked some great questions about THE LOST. They were also patient with me as I read from the book for the first time. I chose a passage highlighting Kit and Grif’s passion, their relationship, and the way they tend to butt heads. When the repartee really started flying, I enlisted help:


Yep, that’s Jessica, from yesterday’s post. She read Kit’s dialogue (obvs!) and I read Grif’s. Here’s a better pic of her, and friend Stephanie, who brought the rockabilly element alive last night. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

First there was this:

(You can’t tell from this pic, but this cake was so sparkly that one reader actually asked if Edward Cullen was inside. Probably not the first time someone has had that fantasy.) Thank you again to Stephen and Jared at Showboy Bakeshop – so professional, so delish. (The cake, not the boys. Though I’m sure they’re fine, too.) Anyway, I’m totally spoiled now and would like cake at all my book launches.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics of the coffee klatch – too busy chatting, I guess – but perhaps one of my readers will pop up with one. It was fun getting to know new readers, and catching up with old ones, and I’m anticipating more of a two-way convo as we converse online from now on.

Finally, thank you to the awesome booksellers at the B&N on Rainbow: They were very patient, professional and knowledgeable. If you live in Vegas, make sure to stop in. They seem to have weekly events at that store  (though, of course, not all of them boast sparkly cake. ;) ) I’m off now to the east coast now (where it’s still friggin’ winter!) for the Virginia Festival of Books.

I’ll be in Charlottesville tomorrow and Richmond on Sunday, along with Kim Harrison, Jeaniene Frost and Pamela Palmer. Join us?

One thought on “Viva Las Vegas

  1. Raven Twinn says:

    Gorgeous cake and beautiful Kit lookalike! What a wonderful way to celebrate this AMAZING book. Congrats!

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